The Double-Breasted Jacket Through the Years

Out of all the menswear staples that have gone in and out of fashion over the years, the double-breasted jacket has a particularly interesting history...

The double-breasted jacket made its first appearance as a casual garment called "The Reefer Jacket", often worn by sailors due to its warmth and durability. The double fastening and anchor buttons on the inside added another layer of protection, shielding the sailors from the sea breeze. The trend was soon adapted by soldiers who, like the sailors, could benefit from the protection of the double layer of buttons.

The style was later picked up by the sporting world, often worn casually by gentlemen at sports event or other country affairs. It was around this time the double-breasted jacket was introduced at DAKS, formerly Simpson's, in the form of a sports jacket. This was due to the growing demand for greater variety in menswear dressing and jackets in particular.

The double-breasted jacket was long seen as a very informal garment and was even banned by many companies for being inappropriate office attire. Although, in the latter half of the 1900's, it was slowly adapted into a more formal piece and by the 80's and 90's, the double-breasted suit had become staple office wear, directly associated with business- and salesmen.

In recent years, as the interest for menswear continues to increase, the double-breasted jacket and suit has found its way back into the casual wardrobes of stylish men and is now considered a classic wardrobe staple. Consequently, for Spring Summer 2017 DAKS have introduced the Bacton Earl suit, pictured below. The suit features a double-breasted four button fastening, straight flap pockets, notch lapels and a double vent. The suit is made in fine wool, in a classic blue window pane check; the prefect sartorial choice for Spring work wear.

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