The Italian term ‘moda’, is derived from the Latin ‘modus’ which means movement, evolution and dynamism. The main supporter of movement is the wheel, which is the inspiration for our AW15 collection.  We have created something that is totally dynamic and sporty but also at the same time luxurious and elegant. 


The collection takes on three different themes. The first theme explored is ‘The Bicycle’. This is the classic part of the collection, celebrating the British love of cycling, and focusing on the recreational side of the activity. Inspiration is taken from the tweed run and the spectators with their dandy flair. Here you will see tweed, with checks in large print and heavy wool, alongside chunky knits and fine cashmere.

The second theme creates the modern part of our collection and is based on ‘The Motorcycle’. Taking inspiration from the structural elements that feature on the motorcycle, such as the quilted saddle, as well as the detailing from the luxurious motorcycle wear. Here you will see wool and silk blends for elegant tailoring, alongside wool and cashmere blends in our overcoats.  Stitches in knitwear are also used to replicate stitching quilting to keep in line with the motorcycle theme. <br><br>

The final theme for this season explores ‘The Motorcar’. Here we take inspiration from British motorcars such as Bentley and Rolls Royce in the 1930 and 1940’s, and the elegant attire which its passengers, such as Royalty, political figures and the rich and famous wore.   

The Italian term ‘moda’, is derived from the Latin ‘modus’ which means movement, evolution and dynam
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