DAKS x Henry Poole & Co

“Individuality expressed through craftsmanship and style”

Henry Poole & Co and DAKS have a long established history, dating back to the 1990s. The collaboration started when Henry Poole & Co designed and developed an exclusive pattern for tailored garments at DAKS. Today, the relationship between the brands stands strong and DAKS are now offering bespoke Henry Poole & Co suits, tailored to one’s own taste and measurements, at their 10 Old Bond Street store. Here you can view the luxury fabrics and styles on offer in order to create the perfect bespoke suit.

Henry Poole & Co dates back to 1806 when founder, James Poole, started his professional life as a linen draper in London.  In 1846 James’s son Henry inherited the family business and with his charisma and interest for the aristocratic world he became what today would be called a “celebrity tailor”.

The company has a long history adorned with acclaim from many prestigious customers and by 1900 Henry Poole & Co was named the largest bespoke tailor in the world, employing over 300 tailors and cutters. Famous customers include Charles Dickens, Sir Winston Churchill, Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Charles de Gaulle.  

The company proudly holds two Royal Warrants, the first appointed by Napoleon in 1858 and the second one as Court Tailor (and later Livery Tailor) was granted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1869 and still endures to this day.

The firm has resisted all calls to sell ready-to-wear or made-to-measure suits from its Savile Row flagship and state that “A Henry Poole & Co Suit is purely bespoke”. Suits are measured, cut, fitted, sewn and finished entirely by hand. The process involves three fittings and over 60 hours of hard work and excellent craftsmanship.

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